Customer Comments

  1. After being disappointed in the past due to losing a job, I found there were programs offering car loans for bad credit. I decided to try one more time so I completed the online car loan application from and I got a call from a local dealer who was able to help me buy the car I really wanted and kept my payments well within my budget. I can't say thanks enough!

    ( Allen S. Denver CO )

  2. I was told by my bank that I would need to find financing for a bad credit car loan, which they didn't offer. Apparently a bank car loan requires a 750 credit score but I found a great car loan with my low credit score of 580 with the help of Actually I had multiple choices of new or used car loans through the local dealer who the referred me too. To my surprise they asked me if I would like to take advantage of a special finance car loan that would allow me to purchase without requiring a down payment. I love my brand new car.

    ( Vicki R. Chicago, IL )

  3. My wife and I want to tell everyone about our experience in trying to find car financing that we could afford. We first tried our credit union and they didn't offer us much hope and lucky for us our loan officer there told us that she had experienced some issues herself and had to look for alternative sources for car loans. She told us about and how they helped her with a used car loan. We submitted the online car loan application and honestly couldn't believe it. While we were still sitting at the computer our phone rang and it was a local car dealer who said we had been approved for a new or used car loan and that we should come right down. We immediately went down and the whole process from the time we submitted the application until we were driving off the dealer's lot was less than 3 hours. Well there's actually more to our story. We explained to the finance officer at the dealership that we could actually use a second car. He called us back that night and told us that he had found a car loan lender that would allow us to buy the other car which turned out to be a truck for me. They treated like we were the only customers they ever had. We are telling everyone about the great service from

    ( Rich and Megan P. Seattle, WA )

  4. We had been told the only way we could buy a car was by using what the bank called bad credit car loans. We really didn't understand what this meant so we began by doing some research and found Their message was honest and was explained so that we understood what getting a car loan for bad credit really meant. We were offered multiple choices of car loans with a low credit score and actually chose a car loan that didn't require a down payment. This is the first time that we had ever done our research on car financing and we are glad we did. We have actually referred two of our neighbors to and they told us they were extremely satisfied with the service. Thank you.

    ( Latoya and Anthony J. Charlotte, NC )

  5. I hope that this will help other people who may find themselves in similar situations. I lost my job a while back and got behind on some bills. I found myself needing to buy a more reliable car but couldn't find a bank car loan due to my credit score. I was looking online and found and I truly liked what they had to say and it seemed to fit exactly my needs for a car loan. After I submitted the online car loan application, I received a call about 20 minutes later from the largest dealer in my city. They explained that I was already qualified for a new or used car loan. I couldn't believe it so I went to the dealership and now I am driving my brand new car. They told me I was qualified under a program designed for good people who need a car loan for bad credit. My interest rate was only 8% so I am very happy.

    ( Ashley B. Las Vegas, NV )